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Dear Travelers,

My name is Max and I would like to welcome all of you in advance to our beautiful island Curacao and if you're already here on the island, WELCOME! 

Taxi drivers:

In Curacao there are a total of 200 independent

Government licensed Taxi drivers, which is not enough for an island lots bigger than Aruba and where they have double the quantity that we have in vehicles and frankly the Government of Curacao should start thinking about increasing the quantities of taxi licenses, because as we're heading towards the year 2022 and more hotels are opening soon, you would have to understand, that the need will arise for additional license to be given out, that will guarantee more jobs and eliminate  opportunity for illegal drivers on the market! 

As a matter of fact, each of the Taxi drivers 

individually has their unique skills and expertise in the tourism industry of Curacao and on my page you will get guaranteed the best service minded cab drivers there is on the market with the know how to serve their  customers fairly and with courtesy.

So, avoid any headaches by contacting online any Uber, Lyft, illegal online Taxi booking portal or instruct a bell boy, reception clerk, or the security guard to call one for you, because you'll never get to choose the driver you get  and this often becomes a crap shoot when  the driver shows up at your  door and there is too many issues we think that based on our selection on drivers, that we can solve  this for you and allow you to enjoy your  vacation with the necessary peace of mind while on Curacao. 

Again, this is a fact you will find in almost  every country you visit and you have to make sure you get the best!

Government licensed drivers:

How do you guarantee that you're not being

transported by people that are breaking the law

and that doesn't have the necessary official papers needed for transporting traveling guests? How do you ensure that you are going to get a quality licensed taxi driver? 

Well, I've to tell you, that the past few years during my research on the internet I found out, that several North American and European  Travel companies are overcharging  guests

and that they're using the services of some licensed Taxi drivers, but also others who are illegally transporting guests and that they acquire when they register on their websites. This is how you end up taking unnecessary  risks and make it possible for illegal drivers to violate our laws of public transportation and  we are worried about this irresponsible and

disrespectful attitude!

Also I feel it's very important to inform  travelers, how our public transportation

system works on the island. Our public transportation has several routes on the

East and West side of the island and bus drivers are designated to drive

according to the route assigned on their Government license and as you will see written on a sign visible on top of the

vehicles dashboard and their license plate 

with the letters BUS including a number.

These are the official and authorized public transportation by the Government, who

are only allowed to provide transportation based on the route stipulated by the Government and under no circumstances are they entitled to do island tours and

neither making transfers out of the route stipulated on their license or as  described

on the sign located on the dashboard,

because  in a case of an accident the insurance company will not cover

your expenses. 

So, beware when you are searching for

transportation on the internet and pay

carefully attention at these companies 

offering transfer or tour in every country.

When they offer transfer from qualified

drivers or private tours by native people

in our country, the risks are great they're jeopardizing your insurance coverage,

so make sure you're properly insured prior traveling to make sure you're covered, when there is no Government license involved that's required for legally  transporting

visitors from the Airport or anywhere else

in our country against a

fee and look at the license plate Tx or Tw, which are the official license plate for transporting plate according the route they have on a sign visible on the dashboard, because something else be exposing 

yourself to unnecessary headaches you

do not want to go through!

Now I have a question for you my dear travelers. Why paying these companies more  and be an accomplish in violating the laws

of public transportation in our country?

Want my advice?? Don't allow them to fool

you with their promotions on their websites offering lucrative 30% or 40% off

on any pickup and drop off from any

destination the Island, while these drivers

may not hold a valid Government license

with a Taxi sign on top of the roof and the license plate with TX or by transportation companies doing a transfer from the Airport

or tours on the island with a larger bus

bearing the TW license plate. 

This is what guarantees they've the

necessary insurance coverage only for traveling guests, when you see they have

these special license plates!!


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During this pandemic as a Taxi driver we have lost our income and searching for another job most of us has not been successful and we're going through difficult times, because it's going to take a while before we can get the Tourism industry up and running and anyone that is able to support us will be greatly appreciated!

So, besides donations that you can give to us, I'm also offering products on this website, so you can support us with your purchase, as we will get a commission from anything you buy during these difficult times, because I can't stand the fact that I have to sit around without doing nothing and with no income at all!

Stay tuned as I'm working on a shopping cart, but meanwhile you can purchase any products directly on the websites of the company or make any donations to us!

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