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I'm really glad you visited us and allowed me to serve you or be served by one of my carefully selected colleagues. As some of you know already, in my daily operations it's imperative for the vehicles to be clean inside and outside, a nice fragrance, good selection of music and courteous drivers!

According to information acquired from local newspaper in Curacao, Rudy Dovale was one of the last survivors of the American Legion group, which was founded by himself, in order to organize untill the year 1965 monthly activities. This way they remembered American holidays, like for instance 4th of july and also organized kids picknick and monthly meetings and of course there was the Armistice day held every year on November the 11th, which was later changed to Veterans day.He fought during 1st World War in the US 16th Cavalry in Europe under famous General Patton, received the Purple heart and a Bronze star. In this video you can see this great man and a war hero talk about his island Curacao!



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