Vehicles Of Colleagues

Welcome to our page of carefully selected  vehicles from colleagues in the Taxi industry services. These colleagues are carefully selected by Taxi Max to provide you with the best services that you could expect on our Island.

Our drivers besides speaking fluently 4 languages, they also provide Island tours,  shopping tour, pickup and drop off at any destination while in our country. Take your time and scroll around, in order  to see which of these vehicles you prefer and let us know by submitting your request!


Further more upon pickup and drop off, If for any reasons you feel uncomfortable with the driver that we have carefully selected  to provide services to you , please do not  hesitate in explaining briefly in a letter your complaints, so we can take measures and avoid any future incidents and  guarantee that on your next ride you will enjoy with complete peace of mind!

And if on this vacation you would like to

Rent A Car this is one of the companies we recommend  Prins  Car  Rentals  and if you still need a private or designated driver, do not hesitate in contacting us as soon as possible!



From Los Angeles to Curacao, without any doubt you can see one of the few Major League Baseball players whom are in fact the Ambassadors of Curacao putting the island in the spotlight and opening doors like never before during previous years!

From the tourism industry I know there are many who would like to thank all of you guys for all your efforts in reaching your dreams playing baseball and the same time exposing your island Curacao to the whole wide world! 


Your peace of mind whenever you travel abroad and don't want to share yoiur celular niumber you use back home, but stil want to use internet!

Your Choice of Vehicles

Here you find the fleet of different types as you can see in a window below, which are the ones we selected from colleagues to promote on our site and assist travelers in reaching great drivers with their choice of vehicles, whenever any foreigner visits my website!

Still, we need your cooperation by submitting a review after the services received, so we can guarantee greater services in the near future to all travelers requesting our services!


Taxi 119 Hyundai H1
Transport up to 8 persons with luggage
Island tour
Island tour and guests enjoying Rum with Coconut water.
Taxi 103 Ford Transit
Up to 9 persons with luggage
Taxi 111 KIA
5/6 persons with luggage easily
Taxi 35 Toyota Sienna
carries 5/6 persons with luggage
Taxi 20
Taxi with Happy guest
Dutch Guest enjoying music during transportation!
Taxi 65 Plaate
GMC luxurious van
Taxi Toyota Hiace Van
Toyota van for up to 9 persons, including luggage.
Taxi Mitsubishi L300
Taxi drivers waiting at the Mega Cruise terminal
Taxi Welcome with Tropical Drink
Internship students receive a welcome drink upon arrival
Taxi Ford Transit
Ford Transit Van for Up to 9 people including luggage.
Pickup guests from beach
Guests happy and enjoying our wide collection of music.
Mega Cruise Terminal
Hyundai H1 at the Cruise terminal waiting for cruise guests.
Taxi Mitsubishi L300
Taxi driver waiting for guests with booked Island tour.
Taxi Mitsubishi L300
Guest happy with her handmade Rose made by the Taxi driver, after being picked up at the hotel and dropped off at the Curacao International Airport.
Taxi Ford Astro Special edition
Ford Astro Van use to pickup up to 4 person with luggage. Without luggage for a tour up to 6 persons.
Taxi Pickup and drop off beach
Pickup guests at Mambo beach and drop off at the cruise terminal to board the Carnival cruise line.
Taxi Hyundai H1
Pickup and Drop off of up to 8 persons including luggage.
Taxi Toyota Hiace
Guests dropped off after Island tour at the Curacao International Airport.
Taxi Ford Transit 350
Pickup or Drop off guests with this van that carries up to 10 persons including luggage.
Island tour
Rum and Coconut ride with American guests
Taxi 138 Glen
Norwegian guests.JPG
My Norwegian guests leaving Curacao
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