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Dear Travelers,

My name is Max and I would like to welcome all of you in advance

to our beautiful island Curacao and if you're already here on the island, WELCOME! 

Taxi drivers:

In Curacao there are a total of 200 independent Government licensed Taxi drivers, which is not enough for an island lots

bigger than Aruba and they've double the quantity that we have

in vehicles and frankly the Government of Curacao should start thinking about increasing the quantities of taxi licenses, because as

we're heading towards the year 2020 and more hotels are

opening soon, you would have to understand the need will

arise for additional transportation, that will guarantee more jobs

and decrease opportunities for illegal drivers!

Also know that each of the Taxi drivers individually has their 

unique skills and expertise in the tourism industry of 

Curacao and on my page you will guaranteed get the best there

is on the market!

As some of us see this, Taxi drivers should individually have 

their own level of service oriented skills and also know how 

to serve their customers fairly and with courtesy. 
The problem is when you contact these Uber, Lyft, Taxi

association or instruct the bell boy, reception clerk, or the security guard to call one for you, you'll never get to choose

 the driver you get and this often becomes a crap shoot when  the driver shows up at your door and there are too many 

issues we think that based on our selection procedure, that we can manage  and solve this for you, so you can enjoy your vacation with  the necessary peace of mind

while on Curacao.

Again, this is a fact you will find in almost every country you 

visit and you have to make sure you get the best!

Government licensed drivers:

Now, the next issue we find very important for traveling guests.

How do you guarantee that you're not being transported by

people that are breaking the law and that doesn't have the

necessary documentation for transporting traveling guests? 

How do you ensure that you are going to get a quality licensed

taxi driver?  

The fact is that in the past few years we found during our

research, that several North American and European Travel companies are overcharging guests. Furthermore they're

working with some unlicensed and others with a license,

that they acquire by registering through their websites and

create the opportunity for illegal drivers to violate our laws

of public transportation and we are worried with this

irresponsible and disrespectful attitude. Also it's good for

all travelers to know, that in the public transportation these

bus drivers they're using for transportation bearing the

license-plate with the word BUS and a number is only authorized

to do transportation based on the route stipulated by the

Government in their license and it's on a sign on the dashboard.

Under no circumstances they're entitled to do island tours

and neither making transfers out of the route stipulated in their license, because in a case of an accident the insurance

company will not cover your expenses. The last and worst

fact of all is, that these companies are making all travelers

pay double of the amount as stipulated by the Government

on taxi rates during any transfer or tours you do during your

stay here in Curacao.

So, beware when you are searching for your transportation

on the internet and pay carefully attention on companies

offering transfer or tour services in every country. When

they offer transfer from qualified drivers or private tours 

by native people in our country, they're jeopardizing your insurance coverage, so make sure you're properly insured

when there is no Government license involved that is

required for legally transporting visitors from the Airport

or anywhere else in our country against a fee and look at

the license plate Tx or Tw. Something else would be

exposing yourself to unnecessary headaches you do not

want to go through.

Why paying more for a  ride or tour when using their

services with a middleman getting paid? Why cooperate

 and become an accomplish in violating the laws of public transportation in our country?

So, don't allow them to fool you with their promotions on

their websites offering lucrative 30% or 40% off on any

pickup and drop off from any destination on the Island,

while these drivers may not hold a valid Government

license with a Taxi sign on top of the roof and the license

plate with TX or by transportation companies doing a

transfer from the Airport or tours on the island with a

larger bus bearing the TW license plate.

This is what guarantees they've the necessary insurance coverage only for traveling guests, when you see they

have these special license plates!!






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